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About Us

We believe in a motivational and holistic approach to honing communication and presentation skills, while boosting self-confidence.


Employing fun and targeted methods which are tailored to specific age groups, students will be well- equipped with knowledge on Public speaking and effective communication skills, which are the keystones of achieving impactful success. 


The foundation and master classes are designed to impart a plethora of valuable skills and techniques to help students emerge as a confident speaker, all while keeping classes small to ensure focused and individualised attention.  

From 2021,  *private English classes* (based on MOE syllabus) will be available: 


Composition writing 

English Oral examinations 

Comprehension cloze and Open-ended 

For more information, please contact us. 

Audience and Lecturer



Our directors believe in helping every student find their mastery and passion; building self-confidence and enabling them to reach their full potential.


Carmen has extensive knowledge and experience in the public speaking domain. She is a qualified public speaking trainer and specializes in the delivery of both Basic & Intermediate Orator Modules for individuals aged 6 to 40 years of age in areas such as body language, language skills, and impromptu speech. 

With a passion for public speaking, Dalia has been formally trained under SMU’s Art excellence programme (Advance hosting course) by FLY Entertainment and has hosted multiple events from citizenship ceremonies to university events.

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